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Tropical and Subtropical climates are best suited for macadamia trees.

Your preferred cultivar will be grafted on a select rootstock for optimum field performance.

Planting density may range from 312 (8x4m) to 556 (6x3m) trees per hectare, depending to the growth habit of the cultivar.

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Macadamia trees are indigenous to Australia and were botanically classified in 1843.
In 1931 it was successfully cultivated in Hawaii where the first processing factory was established.

South African nurseries started propagating macadamias in the 1970’s and commercial orchards were established in the Barberton, Komatipoort, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Port Shepstone, Rustenburg, Tzaneen and Zoutpansberg areas.


Macadamia Plant

Macadamia cultivars are climate specific and perform differently in different areas and regions across the country. Du Roi Multiplant propagates all commercial cultivars and has been licensed by Citrogold to propagate the new “A” series of cultivars that were developed by Henry Bell from Hidden Valley Plantation in Queensland, Australia.

Feel free to contact our technical team for assistance in your decision of cultivars.



Du Roi Multiplant produces certified macadamia trees grafted on seedlings rootstocks.

Field-ready plants are delivered in 5L bags.

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For further technical information, we recommend the following book published by the Agricultural Research Council (ARC).

The Cultivation of Macadamia
Author: Mr E.A. de Villiers & P.H. Joubert
Contact: ARC – Mrs Estelle Nieuwenhuis
Tel No: + 27 (0)13 753 7000 | E-mail:

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